Living with Autism

My name is Heidi Slatter, I live on the Autistic Spectrum. My interests are musical theatre, singing, reading, music, writing, and helping and supporting people in my local community.  Although I live with autism, I live my life to the full, I do not let it define me as a person.

Over the last 18 months I have been doing various talks and events around South Devon, sharing and inspiring local communities of all ages and abilities such as a local primary school to Plymouth University students with my fascinating life experiences being on the Autism Spectrum and how vital it is to highlight awareness to challenge attitudes towards disability on several levels to spark discussions to enable to appreciate disabled people can fully live a fulfilling life and can make a valuable contribution to society. My hopes for the future are to highlight how vital Autism Awareness is and to educate, inform and inspire local communities using my journey to make a difference for people like myself and offer them a message of hope that although a person has a disability they can succeed, and with the correct individual support and guidance they too can reach their full potential.

For more information about living with Autism, please visit the National Autistic Society


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