Torbay Mencap and Gateway Annual Day Out

Sunday 24th September 2017 marked a special date in the calendar. It was the eagerly awaited Torbay Mencap and Gateway Annual Day Out. It was great to see nearly 80 people, including members, carers and family having such a fantastic day out at Paignton Zoo.

Highlights included:

  • seeing so many happy and smiling people queuing outside the Zoo at 10am;
  • the always impressive giraffes moving around their enclosure so elegantly;
  • the lunchtime gathering, where the Gateway team and volunteers worked wonders (and their socks off) distributing the cooked meals;
  • the three cheers for our hardworking and dedicated Chairman, Stephen Marks, who put so much effort into arranging the day;
  • Clare and Mark feeding the Giant Tortoises;
  • the friendships and positive relationships shared across the whole of Torbay Mencap and Gateway, which were on show throughout the day.

Thank you for all of you who attended this year’s event, to make it such a special day. The Torbay Mencap Committee will be putting their thinking caps on in the coming months, to plan next year’s outing.


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