“Such a wonderful evening”

Following another successful fundraising event, attended by 125 people, over £900 was raised for our appeal towards the spa therapy pool at Hollacombe.

During the evening, we were entertained by the dulcet sounds of Riviera Concert Brass, and the wondrous voice of Theresa Moorin.

For their efforts in helping us to organise and run this event, the Torbay Mencap Committee would like to thank the following:

Revd John Pout of St Paul’s Church in Preston

Mike Griffiths and all members of Riviera Concert Brass

Theresa Moorin

All those involved from the Hollacombe Community Resource Centre

All of our supporters and friends who attended to contribute to such a worthwhile cause.


Torbay Mencap New Year’s Party

Torbay Mencap Members New Year Party was enjoyed by all.

Request were made by members to return again next year.

The Hotel chosen was THE BELGRAVE SANDS HOTEL, TORQUAY which was a perfect venue, the disabled facilities were amazing. The food was exceptional, the staff were so welcoming, even occasionally dancing with us during the disco, which was provided by Steve (who has done it for us for the last decade for free)  was as usual perfect.

Can’t wait for next year’s party!28jan19 001

A New Changing Place for Torbay

The grand opening on Wednesday

A new Changing Place Toilet has been opened at Paignton seafront beneath the shoreline restaurant.

It’s equipped with a hoist to lift someone from wheelchair to toilet or to a changing table.  The toilet is a washlet style capable of cleaning and drying someone in situ.  The sink is user height adjustable for access.  The full length adult changing table is fixed to the wall and is electrically height adjustable.  The electrically powered hoist allows an adult or child lifted onto the table so that they may be changed with dignity.

The availability of this special public toilet helps to enable people with profound physical impairment to enjoy all the events that take place on or near Paignton seafront, not to mention the beach.  The Changing Place Toilet has been sponsored by Torbay Council with generous donations from Torbay Mencap Society, and the Rotary Clubs of Paignton and Preston.

The NHS team at the Hollacombe Day Centre and the toilet installation company Healthmatic are to thank for ensuring that this facility sets the standard for all others to follow.

Please do support this wonderful development by sharing the news of its installation with those people amongst your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances that might benefit.

The facility could be of interest to people outside Torbay who may be encouraged to visit in future now that the logistics of their visit can be more conveniently managed. I’d like to think that the introduction of a Changing Place Toilet at Paignton seafront not only provides a very practical benefit but also indicates that the community cares for some of those amongst us who deserve a little extra consideration.  Hooray for Torbay!

Stephen Marks
Torbay Mencap Society